Developing websites has always been an interest of mine since I was in school (many years ago). I enjoy solution finding, learning new techniques, and implementing new features into my sites. I am also very handy with developing logos and designing features for websites, as well as planning campaigns to develop interest with the public.

I spent many years in the music industry, as a Teacher in Guitar, a Composer, a Sound Engineer. I've been a Band Manager, and have created and been featured on quite a few music albums.

In recent years I have worked alongside animal rescues in the UK and have found a new fulfilment I get from helping animals, and working with other rescues/charities.

I decided to take my knowledge and create a business focusing on giving smaller companies the chance to rise amongst the giants in an ever growing world.

Round the clock support

I give round the clock support to clients, whether it be coding issues, or simple questions regarding their website.

Beautiful Design

I have always enjoyed art, whether drawing logos, or making full scale advertising posters for events. I will make your site totally unique to you.

Social Media & SEO

I incorporate Social Media into my websites, through links, and API's. My SEO konwledge is very high and can help make your site known.

One Small Step

My Specialties

A closer look what I can do, and the tools I use.
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