Give A Little, Gain A Lot

All of the web development and websites I create are done for free¹(for non-commercial, non-for-profit, and rescues), use open source software, various open source modules, and many open source libraries, such as JQuery and JavaScript. Commercial and profitable businesses, please see Here for a price comparision (All quotes on my site are negotiable depending on the work required).

I have spent a considerable amount of years studying website technologies, security platforms, as well as mentoring and advising, so to give something to the community feels more rewarding than cashing in on the few.

It would be wrong of me to expect a new business, individual, or non-profit to pay the same high end costs expected by many web developers on this ever expanding market. So instead, I've created the "Give a little, Gain a lot" scheme. This way you can get a beautiful site made, and it is your donatation which will help me continue doing this work for others.

How does it work???

The 'Give a little, Gain a lot' scheme is built on an idea of living in harmony with everything around us. I'm by no means religious, nor do I follow any particular doctrine, but I do have this inner feeling of comfort when I help others, especially within technologies which can, at times, irritate the best of us. The 'Give a little, Gain a lot' works in 2 ways:

    1. You, your new business, enterprise, foundation, or personal website to show pictures of cats (or rabbits, if you prefer), will be built by myself.

    • I'll write the code structure
    • I will write up a beautiful style sheet (for the overall style/layout of the site)
    • I will build you your website forms for email contact
    • I can create secure PayPal buttons for your site
    • I will make the site fully responsive to mobiles, tablets, ipad's, and laptop/PC's.

    Once complete I'll help you configure your domain name, and the host. I'll then create a database for your new CMS (where you will control the website), I'll add your unique Google Analytics code (which I'll show you how to set up) onto the site so you can see real time view of your visitors, as well as many other details. On top of this, I'll create you a special ftp account, which will allow you to take full control of your site (far too many companies don't offer full control of your site).

    2. When your new site is up and running, I'll ask you to send me a donation. This donation can be as much, or as little as you like.

    It will cover the many hours spent building your beautiful site, configuring all the finer details, making all the artwork for the site, licences (CMS, Libraries, Designs) as well as teaching you how to run it, market it, and approach new customers via social media.

This donation will allow me to continue building websites for others, like yourself, who want their own site, but don't want to be tied down into a contract with a host which could terminate everything when they feel like it.

You will own all the files, I'll own a copy for my records.

How does that sound?

Have a look at some of my previous designs and websites, then contact me if you would like to hire me to build your website or require advice.

¹Sometimes I will need to obtain licenses, which can include, but are not limited to: CMS Purchase, Hosting, additional JS libraries (if required). Outgoing payments can include, Hosting purchase, Domain Purchase, Personal Details Privacy (whois), Additional Security.